Virtual Monkey app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 151 ratings )
Games Entertainment Simulation
Developer: DS Effects
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 15 Sep 2008
App size: 566.55 Kb

Hes tiny, hes cute, and hell have you wrapped around his adorable, little tail in no time! Your baby monkey will be your best friend as long as you keep him fed, play with him, make him study, and generally pay attention to him. Dont ignore your little primate though the poor little guy will be off to that banana tree in the sky if you dont keep up with your monkey parent duties!

Latest reviews of Virtual Monkey app for iPhone and iPad

Grow up
It would be alot better if the baby monkey could grow up into an adult monkey over time like the nanos...think about it when u update the game
This app is pointless I just got it because it had a cute monkey. Not worth $0.99, it should be free.
It ok
Thought it would be better but it not that bad 1 buck is nothing try it
Um why even make this??
This is so dumb what the heck do u do? U just watch the freakin monkey! Its cute but its crap.
Not worth it
The only reason it got over a star is because the monkey is kind of cute. Otherwise, its terrible. You dont do anything except watch a baby monkey bob its head. You watch it do 6 other things when you press the buttons but thats it. Hearts float on the screen for some reason, which is stupid. You dont even know anything about the monkeys emotions so it s stupid. You dont know if its hungry, wants to play, or needs a bath. I let mine go for 10 minutes and a picture of the monkey came up with Xs in its eyes. Apperantly it died and now I cant play for another 24 hours. I had no clue it was going to die. It didnt show it at all. Its not worth a dollar. Dont get it.
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